Friday, April 10, 2015

The Whigs VS. The Tores

ANGLO-AMERICAN POLITICS THE WHIGS VS. THE TORIES; THE PEOPLE’S PARLIAMENT VS. MONARCHY I respect what Mary II daughter of King James and William III did when they established the Glorious Revolution. Thankfully, word traveled back to the states where people began taking things out of the hands of the Orthodoxy rule of the established authority of Massachusetts. They began establishing religious tolerance for all with clear cut boundaries of what would be permitted and what would not tolerated. The protestant mindset moved towards a more agrarian society that brought more individual independence and authority to the local government that leaned more towards democracy or a free society while remaining under the authority of the British Empire. "Whig theory, put into place after the Glorious Revolution, put a premium on the ideal of civic virtue, placing the public good above personal interest. To promote such virtue, one needed a society in which property ownership was widespread." I believe this would make for a happier nation where ever that were implemented.

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