Friday, April 10, 2015

The Glorious Revolution & The English Bill Of Rights (GUN RIGHTS)

The Glorious Revolution ANGLO-AMERICAN POLITICS THE WHIGS VS. THE TORES; THE PEOPLE’S PARLIAMENT VS. MONARCHY Mary II daughter of King James and William III established the Glorious Revolution (1688). Word traveled back to the states where people began taking things out of the hands of the Orthodoxy rule of the established authority of Massachusetts. They began establishing religious tolerance for all with clear cut boundaries of what would be permitted and what would not tolerated.

The protestant mindset moved towards a more agrarian society that brought more individual independence and authority to the local government that leaned more towards democracy or a free society while remaining under the authority of the British Empire.

"Whig theory, put into place after the Glorious Revolution, put a premium on the ideal of civic virtue, placing the public good above personal interest. To promote such virtue, one needed a society in which property ownership was widespread." I believe this would make for a happier nation where ever that were implemented.

Mary II and William III new and Glorious Revolution would help put an end to the kind of atrocities against mankind such as the Salem Witch Trials and the injustices that happened to Anne Hutchinson (7 November, 1637) too .

The Glorious Revolution would establish and protect basic rights that "excessive bails ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted."

This would have prevented the death of that innocent man that was stoned to death during the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Had the Salem Witchcraft trials happened around 1685 The Glorious Revolution when England unseated all the colonies authority and gave it back to the British Empire perhaps that man would not have been crushed by stoning?

The greatest thing that came about after Mary II and William III established "The Glorious Revolution" (1688) was more religious freedom for the protestants, more authority for the protestants and I believe this had a tremendous impact on the Great Awakening and may have actually had more to do with the start of the Great Awakening then those who are credited for it such as Solomon Stoddard and Jonathan Edwards over 45 years later in 1733.

The Early American Colonies were the first states that approved Gun Rights (April, 1689) when William and Mary of William and Mary College (America's 2nd oldest college in the nation) accepted Parliament's "ACT Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown: also known as the "English Bill of Rights" that protected basic rights and confirmed that "the subjects which are Protestant (more so Early Americans) may have arms for their defense suitable to their condition and as allowed by law."

In the colonies the "Right to bear arms" was absolutely mandatory for self defense and for the militiamen (2000 in Boston) in the local institution." (Visions of America, Keene, pg. 58)

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