Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sacred Heart Of Jesus Poetry By Kimmy Gerred (1st website in 1998)

My Christian poetry began Loooooong before all that... Please don't laugh at me because of how old this website is. I haven't maintained it because it was just not feasible. I built new websites to house the poetry instead but only after my first book of poetry was published. http://kimig.tripod.com/SACREDHEARTOFJESUS/

Whole House of the Lord Church Began in 2009 from Rural Missouri

From rural Missouri winters would ice and snow over causing real "Cabin Fever" as the nearest Walmart in 3 directions was 30 miles away. I began watching Joel Osteen Ministries TBN and Sergio De La Mora at Cornerstone Church of San Diego on my computer. I had only recently returned to my childhood home state of Missouri where I knew that most of my friends and family there had never been to church a day in their lives. I was afraid they were like I was in 1980 when a pastor came to my front door of a trailer where I raised my two oldest children with their dad. I literally RAN as fast as I could in the opposite direction because I was afraid of this "Holy Man". I knew I wasn't living a "Holy" life! I was doing things that people who went to church would never do, I thought quietly to myself. I drank alcohol, cussed and smoked! Watched weird movies like "Mad Max" and listened to Hard Rock and Roll (at least I thought it was hard rock) like Aerosmith and Billy Idol! I was living life only to escape the misery that I was in with all the alcohol and abuse that I grew up with that followed me right into my marriage. My ex husband finally quit drinking about 2 yrs ago and I'm so grateful for that. I thought that if I shared the online church services http://letshavechurchnow.blogspot.com/ with my friends on social media that they might watch them and turn to Jesus as I did in 1988. After that, my Pro life ministry "America Chose Life" http://kimig.tripod.com/america-chose-life.html began, as well as my anti suicide ministry to the troops "Prayers for Platoons". http://kimig.tripod.com/PRAYERSFORPLATOONS In 2017 my anti drug and alcohol ministry began with the free trauma therapy Recover Resilience Here is the Whole House of the Lord website http://wholehouseministry.blogspot.com/2015/04/no-way-hosea-by-kimmy-nelson.html

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