Friday, March 25, 2016

Poopsie and Scruffy... Names Changed for Security! Come On Its The Sabbath! Happy Easter~ Tomorrow is the Sabbath... This is my toy make believe doggy... I borrowed him from my sister. She is her real doggy and the cutest little doggy I've ever seen. My ex fiance and my sister's doggy would make the perfect couple since his is a male and my sisters is a female. Lol His doggy is the 2nd cutest I've ever seen. I only have a cat because of my knees, my left foot and my lower back make it very painful to walk and I wouldn't want to force it to always stay confined to my patio though I have neighbors who do just fine with that set up. Maybe one day I will afford the luxury of one as cute as these! Anyway, don't forget the Sabbath starts at sundown on Friday or sunrise on Saturday. If you start the Sabbath at sundown on Friday then your Sabbath ends at sundown on Saturday. If you begin your Sabbath at sunrise on Saturday then your Sabbath ends at sunrise on Sunday. Happy Easter everyone!

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