Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Past, Present & Future Recovery


You say you want to leave the past behind
to be happy in  your heart and mind
you can make friends with your past too
by processing the pain like I do
I have no skeletons in my closet I air them all out
Though my past was dark and scary no doubt
It matters not the path of healing we choose 
If we remain hurt or the same then we lose 
There can be healing by being focused on today
There can also be healing by processing the pain away
To process the pain you  have to face the pain of the past
answer it when, where, how and why then it heals at last
The present focused path is much less painful to do 
But others must take the difficult path of facing the pain too
To know which path is right for you is the key
but let others do and be what they have to be
Continue your goal toward a future happy & bright
Then you will reach the end of the tunnel to the light 

Palm Springs

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