Thursday, March 10, 2016

HOUSING: Sent to President Obama Today

HOUSING: Sent to President Obama Today

Dear President Obama, you promised to END all homelessness while on tour near Fort Leonard Wood, MO. in 2008 before you were ever elected as president. There is a very costly, detrimental and sad need for free or low income housing all over Southern California. I don't know if it is also in Northern Ca. or Central CA. too because I've never been there. But there are veterans with PTSD, there are women with PTSD, and there are men with PTSD who are suffering horribly without a place to go to bathroom, to eat properly or drink, or sleep. They sleep on concrete slabs or on dirty, damp grounds. Many times, it pours down rain on them while they are sleeping. Please try to feel what it would be like if this were happening to you or to one of your loved ones and with all the power God has invested in you please do whatever you have to do to change this for Americans today!! Someone recently said that there is enough vacant houses in America for every homeless person to have six houses each. Well, I am not asking for the banks or anyone to give them six houses each but at least one home each and there needs to be a FREE bed & shower hotel in every city and in every state where the indigent travelers can stay when they are traveling too. They could model this FREE bed & shower after the homeless shelter in Laredo, Texas that was brand new in 2006. Please do whatever you can do to initiate this and set it in stone before you leave office!! I will be glad to help you in this matter in anyway that I can!! Thank you & may God speed your success in THIS matter!! #Housing #WhiteHouse - See more at:

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