Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My "World is my pulpit" accountability theory...

Kimmy D. Nelson - My "World is my pulpit" accountability theory...

My "World is my pulpit" accountability theory proved true once more (unintentionally) last night.
Mother Nell used to tell me that the world was my pulpit. When she died I had no one that I could hold myself accountable to so I literally made the world my accountability partner.
I figured that if people knew I was a Christian that they would not try to come on to me or ask me to join in their alcoholic parties or their sex parties or any of the other numerous things that were going on in that neighborhood where I lived at that time in Florida.
Now, I am much stronger and temptation rarely even attracts me but I will always remember how my theory protected me when I was vulnerable right after Mother Nell died and right after I moved to Laredo, Texas in 2006.
Last night, while at a Palm Springs Chamber Business mixer at the Bardot inside the Hard Rock Hotel as a way to introduce my business to the locals as a guest I was invited for free. Whereas all the other members had to pay $15.00.
The first business person who walked up to me introduced himself as new to the area from San Francisco and I found myself in the middle of the Bardot with flashing strobe lights, music playing (not too loudly) in the back ground and 150 other guests talking to one and other as I invited this 1st person to my church "Glory Glory to God Ministries International".
It was quite obvious that I was not a club hopper and neither was that fellow. Then later, one of the hosts from the Chamber was chatting with me and I gave him one of my books (it was the only book I had left) and it was "The Great Awakening" about America's first revival.
So then I found myself inviting him to church. It is not hard to invite people to church when it comes this naturally. You should try it.
There was a time when I could not have cared less if someone made Jesus their Lord or not.
And there was a time when I was too shy to ever speak to a stranger especially about something so personal. Funny how people change!

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