Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Daniel Prayer For Parents

The Daniel Prayer for Parents

by George Sawyer (Author)

Father, I come to You today in the name of Jesus. I am here to declare favor and blessing over my children. I prayer that today and everyday my children will walk in divine health and healing.

I declare that no sickness or disease will enter their bodies. No accident, harm, wound or assault can touch them. I pray that by the stripes of Jesus they are healed today.

I thank You that You have provided healing as the children's daily bread (Matt. 15:22-26).

Just as Daniel and his friends showed aptitude for every kind of learning, and were well informed and quick to understand, I pray today and every day that my children will develop academically and have educational excellence.

I pray that they will have divine wisdom and understanding for every subject. I declare that they will comprehend and retain the material presented in every class.

I declare that my children will be attentive, courteous, and diligent to study. Nothing will be too difficult for them.

Father, just as Daniel resolved to serve You, I pray this day that my children will come into a personal relationship with Jesus as their Savior.

I declare that my children will be born again and be filled with Your Holy Spirit. I thank You that as a young believer they will resolve and determine to serve the Lord.

As Daniel refused to eat with the others at the king's table, so will my children refuse to compromise and give into peer pressure. My children will be influencers and not the influenced.

I declare that today and every day my children are surrounds with favor like a shield. They will receive favor from every teacher and principal. They will be favored by every employee and volunteer at their schools (and everywhere they go throughout life). They will have favor with every student (and every person) and receive blessings that only favor could provide.

And just as there were none equal to Daniel and his friends and they were ten times better than all, I decree and declare today and every day that my children have a supernatural ability to learn (and advance).

When they take tests and exams, they will retain and recall all that they have learned.

As a result of God's grace they will be recognized and promoted, for there is none equal to my children, and they are ten times better than all. This blessing will---and has---positioned my children for promotion, and they will have the wisdom to use this as a platform to bring influence for Christ.

Thank you for my children. Today I boldly speak each one of these blessings over them. I declare that my children are blessed and highly favored.

In Jesus' name.


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