Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sandra Bland Tragedy

Kimmy D. Nelson - I think it is a horrible tragedy what happened...

I think it is a horrible tragedy what happened to Sandra Bland! I am so sorry for her. God comfort her and her family.

There are good cops and bad cops just like there are good and bad in every sect of life. The bad ones will eventually be busted if they don't change.

You see, when there is corruption or injustice at the top (in the White House) then all the rest of society begins to follow suit. If there is no integrity in leadership then they have no one to be an example role model for them. #Justice #Integrity #Leadership #BeginsAtTheTop #JusticeForAll

We must also begin teaching this generation and our multi culture society that they must revere and respect all law enforcement. Cooperate better with them even if it seems unreasonable--- we must try to see things from their view point too. It is important to respect authority.

Remember when the police told Michael Brown to "Stand Still and not to come any further" but he would not listen and he had already robbed a liquor store and bullied the owner.

Recently, this man was shot dead because of misunderstanding due to the man being severely intoxicated and didn't listen to the officer. That is the young man's fault for being intoxicated to the point he could not comprehend.

There was another officer who was killed during a routine traffic stop just yesterday. The officers do not know what to expect from the vehicles that they have stopped. That is why it is important to follow protocol. You are not talking to your mom or dad or your best buddy but an officer of the law who cannot show partiality or favoritism to anyone. If the law asks us to take off our shoe and hop on one foot then we better do our best to try.

And we must teach this generation to respect all authority (including school teachers) and most especially law enforcement. I am terribly sorry for the loss of this beautiful young lady!

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