Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Male Friend Who Wore Dread Locks & A Mini Skirt

Kimmy Gerred-Nelson

I once met a man on the 2nd floor in the sanctuary of my home church. I liked the man very much. It mattered little to me that he wore a mini skirt, and dread locks. Yes, he was a very strange & bizarre character. And his dress surely only brought more rejection by most of the public to him. But maybe that was his only self defense mechanism? Remember, the church is a hospital for sinners.

I am not saying that I approved of his dress or his behavior. He was very highly educated with several degrees. His education was in Theology and Psychology.

I don't know if he was just going through some personal trials, out chasing waterfalls, or sowing wild oats. It is not my place to judge or cast stones. Maybe, he was raped and that was his way of self defense? Only God knows the story behind it.

My place is to love him and be a friend to him. I'm so thankful that men with long, long hair can come to my church and feel totally loved, accepted and approved.

And even more great is that a man who wore dread locks and a mini skirt once frequented my church and he knew he was loved and accepted.
 — feeling grateful.

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