Saturday, June 20, 2015

Abba Father

Abba Father

I've been sowing seed and seed ah ah oh
Walking in your word and deed ah ah oh

Praying till the break of dawn ah ah oh
Praying all the day long ah ah oh

Day & night oh oh oh Day & night
Day & night oh oh oh Day & night

Just give me a reason to believe ah ah oh
Answered prayers that I can receive ah ah oh

So that my faith's not in vain ah ah oh
so that my faith's not in vain ah ah oh

I know you are faithful even though it hurts so bad
I know you didn't cause this but still my hearts so sad

I know that you'll avenge me yea I know you'll make it right
I know that you'll do justice yea I know that you will fight

Still I am so broken, not a little but a lot
I could give up so easy but I will not

I will convince myself that you will honor all my seeds
Tell myself that you will remember my all my good deeds

Hope that you will count all the sacrifices that I've made
Lived my life Holy not one living in the darkness or the shade

I will tell myself that you will go to war on my behalf
to make justice when you add up my service as your math

Lift my broken spirit cuz I'm so broken inside
This hurts so bad, so painfully deep and wide

Here comes those tears again, The kind I used to cry
where nothing can console me and I could almost die

Please don't make me wait for you to act on our behalf
Pay the devil back and fill us with joy so we can laugh

Remember I never aborted my babies but raised them with you by faith
You promised to be their daddy and my husband as Your word in Isaiah Saith

Hurting now so bad & just wishing this was the end
to you once more these prayers, and seed to YOU I send.

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