Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

The Lord is so very kind and gracious! Today is Mother's Day and someone posted something that had me feeling like a failure because I've tried relentlessly to get my children back since we lost our five bedroom home in Clinton, MS. in 1994 but my finances and HUD would not allow it to happen. Today, the Lord reminded me of what HE told me in 2001 just 3 weeks before I was diagnosed with Psoriasis which is caused from stress and a weak immune system, and only months before I was admitted to the hospital for five days for testing because they could not find out what was wrong with me until the spinal tap revealed "Cat Scratch Fever". My lab work revealed (again) a failed immune system from stress. God had told me prior to any of that that "HE was healing me from cancer". To this day, I've never been diagnosed with cancer, I've just been sick as a dog since 2006. However, I've been working relentlessly on my healing and I am making much progress and I'm not anywhere near as sick as I was in 2006. But every since 2001 I have not been able to go outside without my head covered up. In 2008, I began having to keep socks on my feet 24 hours a day, and keep my head covered up 24 hours a day. Thankfully, I don't live in Missouri anymore so I don't have to wear socks everyday. But I still have to keep my head covered up almost 24 hours a day. Every time I would feel sorry for myself because I was not with my children and I would begin crying, the Lord would remind me again how sick that I had been and that I would not have even survived or lived through it had I not have taken what little time I did to minister life and health back to myself. A mother's heart will give and give and give until she has nothing left to give. And some people go way beyond the duty of giving even when they are not able to. Some people find it very difficult to be the one on the receiving end. Some people do not know how to receive. That was me. And because of that, I suffered terribly by being separated from my children all these years. Today, God comforted me once more and reminded me that I could not be with my children because I was not strong (healthy) enough to endure the cost of motherhood. As I said, a mother gives all she has even when she has nothing to give. Remember the analogy of the airplane and the oxygen mask, 1st put your own oxygen mask on, then put it on your children. Happy Mother's Day! The last picture is my mom, Martha "Marty" Gerred. She has gone to heaven in October of 1995.

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