Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Francis Frangipane Curse Breaking Prayer


God has given us something greater than a blessing on
obedience and curse on disobedience.  He
has given us Jesus who fulfilled all the law. 
By our identifying with Christ, and HIS fulfillment of the
law we ourselves are freed from the conditions of the law, freed to inherit the
blessings of Abraham.  By our identifying
with Christ. 
That means, not that we are free to disobey the law, but
where we have disobeyed God now we can come to Christ and position our heart at
the blood of Jesus, at the table of God, ask for forgiveness. And God promises
us because of Jesus that we are set free from the effects of the things we’ve
done wrong.  That is what we celebrate
when we communion. We are celebrating that Jesus became the curse for us the
bible says in Galatians 3:12. 
I want to encourage you to read Isaiah 53 in Isaiah 53 it
tells us about Jesus that He bore our sins, HE bore our sickness, HE bore our
guilt, HE bore our burden, HE bore our iniquity, and the chastening for our wellbeing
fell upon HIM.
He became that one that intercepted that curse that would
otherwise destroy our lives.  He intercepted
it to the degree that we turn over to HIM our lives.  Not that we are free to do whatever we want but
now we are free to be changed by coming to Christ.  We want to ask the Holy Spirit to show us
where there maybe areas in our heart where we are carrying around a curse.  Maybe in your relationship with your
spouse.  God wants you super naturally
blessed.  He does not want us living in
ungodly conditions, living in unloving conditions, living in oppressive
conditions.  HE wants you so blessed that
people look at our life and say “how did you get the way you are, How did you
find so much love, how did you find so much fulfillment in your life” God wants
to remove curses from us.  If your finances
so are eroded maybe there is a curse on your finances because you’re not giving.  If you feel like your life is just worn out
and drained maybe there is a curse on your life because you are a thief like
the scriptures says in Zechariah 5.
Let’s look at our hearts and let’s see that the power of God
will be here today to break curses over us, to see curses broken over marriages,
to see curses broken families, to see generation curses broken, to see your
life from this moment on completely set free. 
Amen?  Amen! 
Father we ask that this will be a day of tremendous
deliverance, Father that this will be a day of mighty display of your power to
set free captives.  Father, this morning,
this is the day that you have made.  A
day where the prisoners are set free. 
Father we ask that you release us from the effect of demonic curses,
release us from the effect generational curses, release us from the curse that
comes from peoples words. That we would be a blessing, that we would exude a
blessing and that we would be an aggressive blesser.  That we would not be trapped in confusion or
emotional debilitation.  But that we
would arise in the power of your spirit to not only see our own souls set free
but to see others set free as well.” 
And today I speak by the power of the Holy over these lives of
each person that you are created to inherit a blessing.  And that you are created to live in the
blessing of the Lord and that you were not created to carry around a curse and
not created to be the target of the enemy. 
But you were created to be used by the Lord to be a weapon in HIS
hand.  And I speak the blessing of the
Lord over you, I speak the blessing of the Lord over your family, I speak the
blessing of the Lord over your dreams, I speak the blessing of the Lord over
your finances. Let the Blessing over take you and not the curse, Let the joy and
the power of the Holy Spirit be your portion today. In the Name of Jesus.  Francis Frangipane

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