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The Joshua Journey By Kimmy Nelson

Joshua Journey by Kimi Gerred (Whole House Of The Lord) on Myspace

Joshua Journey
There is an ancient path or the old ways in Isaiah 35:8 where even a fool who goes there on shall not go astray. I searched out the scriptures and found the fastest way to that ancient path in Isaiah is in Joshua and in Exodus. Joshua 1:7&8 and Exodus 20.

The Old ways, the ancient path, the highway of holiness comes only from having Jesus Christ as your One and only Lord and by obeying His word beginning with the statutes of Moses found in Exodus 20 specifically the ten commandments.
I started on this path about seven years ago in 2000. Never before has anything so profoundly changed my life as this has other than becoming born again by the Holy Spirit after I was saved. I have never been a fighter even when my mother told me to fight back and defend myself from my baby sister who was attacking me. I couldn't do it, I couldn't bare the thought of hurting another. Maybe that is a fault or inner weakness to love all fellowman kind. I pray that it is not because I have sowed the seeds of a "Big Heart" into all four of my children.
However, in my adult life, I was attacked and learned that sometimes it is neccesary to fight back if you want to survive. I was attacked with relentless blows from an advisary who didn't care how many laws they broke or how foul they fought against me.
Now know this, the new testament teaches that we war or wrestle not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities, rulers of darkness in high places. That may be something you have never heard before, but in the church community where I have congregated the body of members for the most part are very familiar with that scripture. It is talking about demons and devils, spirits and emps. Hallelujah!
Just as angels and God are real, so are demons and Satan. Just as Christ Jesus came to give us life and blessing, the devil has come to kill, steal and destroy. And unless you know how to do spiritual warfare he can have a hayday with you.
Ignorance is bliss if you don't mind being destroyed.  For the most part those who do not know scripture also don't know that they are being destroyed.  Satan doesn't mess with those who don't know what he is doing the way that he fights the ones who knows how to stop him. God help us all!
Even when you do know how to do spiritual warfare he is still an enemy who can't be taken lightly. Satan tends to really fight the ones who are a threat to his plans or his power. With his main desire being the same as it is today with the Nation of Israel, and that is "to cut them off from being a nation" as the book of Psalms tells us.
Even in the natural there are others who are helping evil doers and they are flesh and blood being used by satan just as once even the Lord Jesus had to rebuke Peter one of his great disciples and tell him "Get thee behind me satan." There are people who have no desire or knowledge to please or fear the Lord. And they are being used to do the work of the devil.
But they are not more powerful than God and every knee must bow down to Jesus and the one who is doing His work on the earth can implement His authority in prayer.
Sometimes we can be so battle weary that if the spirit of the Lord doesn't intervene we will not make it. And I have found myself there more than I would have ever chose to be. When I am weak, He is strong. And I can do nothing without Him. He also has His mighty warring angels that do His work and perform His word when the hear a Christian speak it forth. Sometimes we aren't even able to do that. There are times in the life of God's prophets or intercessors that they have no strength or might left to fight, and I believe that is when God fights the greatest.  Remember HIS word also says "It is not by might but by MY Spirit saith the Lord."  
That is when you will see the works of His hands. Unless the Lord had of been my help I would have as soon perished. He is continually helping me. But the battle has not ended. The only difference is that I was attacked and didn't have any real ammunition for the first six years (1994-2000) of the fight for my life until I got on the Joshua Journey.
Now, rarely do I see any defeats if at all. The keys to all my victories are found in Exodus, and Deuteronomy. See Deuteronomy 28. God constantly tells the children of Israel not to take any of the gods of the people of whose land they were entering in or else that would cause a downfall for God's people. But that if they obeyed His word they would succeed. But, my goal is not just my own victory, rather to see everyone get saved no matter who is involved either by looking on or by being an actual evil doer who is attacking me or my children in any way shape or form. Another great piece of artillery that I use is prayer, and most of the time accompanied by some type of fasting and most definitely by some type of an financial or sacrificial offering. Speaking the word specifically one that GOD has given me especially for a certain situation.
He is faithful like that, He has a word for every single situation we will ever face in this life. His gifts are mighty and His power is awesome. Hallelujah!

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