Friday, April 10, 2015

Only George Washington Politicians

Republicanism and the democracies of the very core of this nation were built on nothing less than morality. Even the "Enlightenment thinkers such as Jefferson and John Locke believed that humans had an innate moral sense" and that they knew right from wrong. And Washington, our nation’s first president and father of this country said that "proof of unexampled patriotism and patient virtue" were the things that our honorable military ought to leave to their children. In our Declaration of "rights the idea of Virtue is written into our laws." "The Virginia Declaration of rights asserted that free government could not survive without a virtuous citizenry, a point echoed by the Massachusetts Constitution four years later." (Visions of America, Keene pg. 130) These virtuous American ideas became a priority for our entire nation at its very founding. #NoCorruptPolitians #NoBenGazi #NoLiars #NoSexualImmorality #NoMoreDrugLaundering #MoMoreMoneyLaundering #NoMoreWeaponsLaundering #Righteousness #BibleFirst #TruthKeepers #Virtue #Honesty #Value #Integrity #ImAGrandMaToo #NoQuitters #NoBrownNosers

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